Event Format

OPERA aims at collecting relevant past results or preliminary ideas on the topics of interest, creating a constructive environment for discussion, scientific advancement, and sharing ideas. To achieve such a goal the program is divided in presentations by contributors (of around 15-20 minutes), and open discussion within the audience. To stimulate the discussion, each accepted presentation is assigned a discussant.

The discussant:

  • has normally worked in the area of the presented work or has interest in doing so;
  • has read the accepted paper and possibly the necessary related works;
  • is expected to stimulate the discussion after the presentation;
  • is appointed by the workshop organizer and may be a TPC member.

At the conclusion of the workshop a kahoot quiz will be organized among the participants.


To recognize the contribution of the participants, the organizers of OPERA will appoint the following awards:

  • Best Presentation Award;
  • Best Discussant Award;
  • Winner of the final Kahoot Quiz.